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Perfect Brownie Pan

Posted on: February 13, 2010

I have this odd love affair with things sold on TV. I often wish they worked as good as advertised, but they don’t. My mom likes to buy them, and try them, and we often end up disappointed. But…but…today! TODAY IT WAS NOT SO!

I caved and bought a “Perfect Brownie Pan” today. From Wal-Mart, but it’s the same one they sell on TV. It just looked so neat, and I figured that even if the whole “slicing” divider thing didnt work out, I would still have a new 9x13ish pan, and that is never a bad thing.

So, I brought it home (with a side trip to the grocery store for some ingredients to make the “Marbled Cheesecake Brownies” that were in the including recipe book), and set to work. I made the brownies (which start with a boxed mix, I used the Betty Crocker “Frosted” brownies, and just saved the frosting for use on some other baking project later), poured it in the pan, added hte cheesecake stuff, marbled it, and dropped the divider in. Then in it went into the oven, and I waited, hoping that it would work, but content to eat the brownies, regardless. I love brownies!

I pulled the pan out of the oven when the timer went off, waited a few minutes (you are supposed to cool the baking slightly before pulling the divider out, but get it out before things cool completely), and pulled the divider out, and pushed the sides of the pan down. (It’s built in such a way that you can put it on the stand thingy it comes with (yes, that is a technical term), and then push down the sides of the sides of the pan, freeing your baking), and was AMAZED.

It works. Exactly as it says it does.

It was hard not to do a “yay I didn’t waste 20 bucks on a stupid pan” dance in the kitchen. Instead, I waited until the brownies cooled and the cheesecake was ALMOST set (I couldn’t wait any longer, my tummy demanded brownie), and ate one in celebration.

FINALLY! As Seen On TV didn’t let me down!


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